About us

A Pioneer in Sports Marketing in Sweden

ISP works in the mixed zone between business and sports and turn both parties into winners.

ISP was founded in 1985 and in our 37 years in the industry we have helped develop sports marketing from advertisement at sports events, to being a complete package supplier for clients, right’s holders, sports clubs and associations.

Today we are the leading player in sports marketing in Sweden. This position was achieved by delivering successful and flexible solutions and concepts to businesses, associations, right’s holders, clients and sports clubs through our unique ISP SURE model. We are the only company in the industry to offer a complete package concept by working both with businesses and right’s holders from a 360 perspective.

We see the power of sports from both a commercial and sustainability perspective. This combination is of utmost importance for maximum gain from the partnership. This is true both for the right’s holders and the clients.

The ISP purpose is to:

Create profitable and sustainable growth for right’s holders.

Create value for right’s holders and clients.

The ISP vision is to:

Be Europe’s leading partnership firm for right’s holders and businesses.

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