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All assignments are unique and no two customers are alike. Therefore, ISP works with a proven and clear methodology. In this way, we create secure processes to ensure that we achieve the desired results. Whatever the challenge. Our model is called ISP Active. ISP Active has a clear objective and method. But the content is all about you. It’s your starting point, your challenges and your resources that shape the collaboration. It’s also your needs that determine the extent of our involvement and cooperation. You can hire ISP just for selected parts of your business. For example, to develop your sales organisation. Or you can do what DIF Fotboll did: outsource your entire sales and marketing department to ISP. Everything is possible!

Our offering for federations and associations

  • Strategy and development work for a stronger business/brand
  • Sales development (individual/organisation)
  • Sponsor development
  • Network and event packages
  • Media opportunities
  • Commercial opportunities related to the stadium
  • Investigation and development of commercial rights

ISP Active

ISP Active is the basis of our work with federations and associations. ISP Active is a model specially designed to help associations and federations reach the next level. The model includes all phases and steps required to reach your full potential.

ISP Active – The objective Our model for the development of federations and associations

By strengthening your brand, finances and internal energy, the entire organisation is made more effective. The benefits spread and the effects come together in synergies at all levels. With greater resources, more opportunities are opened up. This creates ambition and a positive work environment, and everything takes off from there.
It all comes together within ISP Active.

ISP Active - The method

To succeed with the objectives of ISP Active, we offer a proven and safe method. With this as a foundation, you have a safe and secure path towards your objective. The method takes you through four steps and ISP ensures that we connect ideas, strategies and activities in the right way. ISP also ensures that the process is handled at the right speed and with commitment.


Situational analysis regarding:


Guidelines to increase:

Together with reviewing the organisation’s commercial rights

3. AktiviteterACTIVITIES

ISP actively plans:


On an ongoing basis, ISP investigates:

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