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ISP works in the fertile area where business meets sport. We deliver successful concepts to companies, federations and associations. And we have been doing so since 1985. Our work is partly about helping companies raise their marketing profile, both in terms of exposure and brand awareness. ISP also has models for developing and maximising revenues for federations and associations, where both parties are winners.

And we always fulfil our role with genuine commitment and passion. We do what we love, and we love what we do. Add more than 30 years of experience and the industry’s largest network, and ISP is a player to be reckoned with. Let’s organise a meeting and see how we can win together.

10 quick facts about ISP

  1. ISP stands for: In Sports Promotion
  2. What we do:ISP delivers profitable and successful concepts to companies, associations and federations who want to take advantage of the opportunities that arise where sport meets business.
  3. Founded: 1985
  4. HQ: Gothenburg
  5. Founder: Sven Ivarsson
  6. Change of ownership:2011, when Andreas Ottermark acquired ISP and 2015, when Mattias Ottermark also joined the company.
  7. MD: Andreas Ottermark
  8. Examples of client federations: the Swedish Handball Federation, the Swedish Cross Country Skiing Association, the Swedish Football Association, the Swedish Athletic Association etc.
  9. Examples of client associations: Djurgården Fotboll, Djurgården Hockey, IFK Göteborg, Malmö Redhawks, BK Häcken, Frölunda Indians, Göteborgsgirot etc.
  10. Examples of client companies: Prioritet Finans, Ehrenborg, Scandic, Grolls Björnkläder, Serneke m.fl.


More and more companies are discovering the benefits of developing their brand through sport. Partly because the exposure is impressive, but also because sport creates amazing experiences.
With ISP, your brand becomes part of these experiences.

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Federations & Associations

Running a modern sports organisation is a major challenge. The demands in terms of performance are the same whether in the conference room or the stadium. ISP lives and works with this challenge. We have the skills and tools to help your business.

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