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A great deal is happening within sports promotion. The power of the media is constantly increasing. Not least because the audience shares its sports experience on social media. But traditional coverage is also becoming more varied and sponsorship is reaching completely new dimensions. Today, our sports stars, federations and associations have their own brands, with followers that many companies want to be associated with. Add to this all the new options of the modern stadium and you begin to appreciate the huge potential available. With ISP as a partner, you gain both an overview and control of your options.
We help you make the right investment.

ISP offers

    • Exposure
    • Reinforcement of your brand
    • Association rights
    • Stadium opportunities
    • Sponsorship packages
    • Partnerships with sports stars
    • Relationships and networks
    • Events
    • Social engagement and CSR
    • Sponsorship activation

We will help your brand succeed

There are thousands of opportunities for those who want to be involved in sports promotion. With ISP you get a guide to ensure you target your investment effectively. Because not only do we have more than 30 years, experience, we also have a unique network and a constantly updated knowledge base. In addition, we work with a well-proven method. This method summarises ISP’s services for the corporate market and is called ISP SURE.

ISP Sure

Social engagement
Unique experiences

ISP Sure is a model for successful marketing in all kinds of sport

By comparing your goals and challenges to ISP SURE, we create a professional process that ensures you are making the right investment.

ISP Sure

Social commitment

Sport offers unique opportunities in the area of CSR. The proven positive effects of sport for children and adolescents are just one example. Inclusion and health are others. But there are many more.

Unique experiences

Associating your brand with experiences from the magical world of sport has many benefits. Working with corporate law in collaboration with national teams or elite associations is incredibly rewarding.


Sport has unique conditions when it comes to building relationships and business networks. We create fun, natural-feeling events that provide frameworks for both customer care and new business. This is also a strong area for making internal gains. Rewarding your own sales force and personnel is always important.


ISP offers a complete media palette and can therefore deliver optimal exposure. Everything from sponsorship signs and kit deals to digital publishing and TV broadcasting. Add to this all the spin-offs possible via social media, and you have a very successful media investment.

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